The Beginning

For Susanne Schmidt, designer of the OneLeg, her story begins one day while sorting through the attic of her cottage in Denmark, she came across a ‘collar button stool’ which had been used by her ex-husband, who had been a bricklayer, as a seating aid whilst laying brick paving.  The stool was wooden and consisted of a single leg and a flat top.  Susanne began to use the stool while doing jobs in her garden and around the house, as it was gentler on her knees and back than a traditional kneeling pad.  But there were some disadvantages with one-legged stool: the wood make it heavy and the fully rounded wooden legs dug into the ground.  It was not suitable for indoor use due to sliding on or scratching the floors and as soon as you stood up or over reached it would fall over.  So, with a few key features in mind, the idea of a new multifunctional stool, the ‘OneLeg’ was born.
•    Easy to use
•    Self-supporting
•    Move with your own body movement
•    Stress free on muscles and joints
•    Lightweight
•    Antislip
•    Easy to clean
•    Withstands the elements

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