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  • Bonsai Cacoon

At Ø1.2m, our newest Cacoon, The Bonsai, is perfect for your kids. Whether you put it in their bedroom, hang it from a swing frame, or take it with you on a day out, they’ll absolutely love it - and you! Imagine if you had one of these when you were their age.




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But wait; do you have kids? Then you’ve got a fight on your hands. You’ll never keep them out of it. Your Cacoon will quickly become their Cacoon... but hey, that’s life. You might get a look-in now and again (or, you could buy two - how important is your time?).

Diameter    Ø 1,2 m
Ring    Anodised aluminium 6030 & 6005
Fabric    285 g/m2 with 35 % coton and 65% Polyester
UV performance    UV performance
Water repellent    Yes
Anti mould and bacteria treatment    Yes
Carabiner    Galvanized iron with loading capacity of 720 kg
Hanging system    Nylon rope 12 & 8mm (Resistance of 2000 & 1400 Kg)
Loading capacity    Maximum 200 Kg / 440 Lbs
Hanging space required - floorspace    Minimum space of 1,6 diameter - ideal 2,25 diameter
Hanging space required - headroom    Minimum height of 2,45 meter - ideal height of 2,7 meter
Cacoon storage bag    Ø20 x 70 (l) cm
Weight of product    4 kg
Individual carton packaging    55 (l) * 23 (h) * 12 (w) cm / 4,5 Kg
Tripod stand compatible    Yes

Download Cacoon Assembly Manual PDF


Bonsai Cacoon

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