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  • Songo Cacoon

ongo (The Dreamer) is a more sophisticated take on the Cacoon. The beautiful organic shape of the twin doors blend subtly with the oval base shape affording a more elongated shape better suited to a fully relining occupant.



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The twin doors offer more air circulation and a better connection with your surroundings while still maintaining a quiet privacy. Songo is available in one size (194 by 122 cm) and two colours (earth and moon).

Diameter    194 * 122 cm
Ring    Anodised Aluminium Dia 22,5 mm
Fabric    Olefin 316 g/m2
UV performance    7-8
Water repellent    Yes
Anti mould and bacteria treatment    Yes
Carabiner    Galvanized iron with loading capacity of 720 kg
Hanging system    Nylon rope 12 & 8mm (Resistance of 2000 & 1400 Kg)
Loading capacity    Maximum 200 Kg / 440 Lbs
Hanging space required - floorspace    Minimum space of 2,2 diameter
Hanging space required - headroom    Minimum height of 2,45 meter - ideal height of 2,8 meter
Individual carton packaging    1270 * 320 * 100 mm
Tripod stand compatible    Yes

Download Songo Assembly Manual PDF


Songo Cacoon

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