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  • OneLeg Wood Stool 32cm

OneLeg Wood is part of the new line extensions, has a delicate design that maximizes its looks in oak tree, ergonomic and functionality.

OneLeg Wood has a rubber belt at the edge of the seat that adds to the design but also prevents the stool from damaging the floor when falling over. The foot has an antislip foot cover that protects the floor and prevents the stool from sliding when sitting.

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Use OneLeg Wood as an extra sitting for instance at the sofa table, or when okaying with kids, brushing the cat or dog or just to loosen the tension in your body or strengthening the muscles in back and lumbar. Strengthen your back and save your knees.

OneLeg Wood has a unique curved base that allows the user to rock and rotate - the stool simply following the movements of the user when sitting.

When you sit on the stool, then you have a natural posture with a straight back and no tension on your back, knees or feet.

OneLeg Wood Stool 32cm

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